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Pear OS... What really happened!

Before I start the actual article, I want to mention that, this is my small contribution to demystify the Pear OS matter. I will try to be objective as possible, and focus to share the bits of information and events, that I noticed since the early days of Pear OS.

How it all started...

David Tavares, the developer behind the Pear OS project, started to create a free alternative to OS X by imitating its user experience, for his own use. After a while, and because he shared with is friends, and his friends shared with their friends, the Linux OS with OS X user experience gets known between a small but, enthusiast group of fans.
Briefly, things become more serious and David is faced with many requests for updates and more development. It's when he decides to create an operating system based on Ubuntu, with the user experience based on OS X, named Pear OS.

Screenshot of Pear OS 8 logo

How it all ended...

Pear OS project quickly got attention, and gets a cult following people that wanted to have the Cupertino desktop experience, and couldn't afford to do so. But wasn't all going well, the OS wasn't quite stable and had several critical errors in most launched versions. That's when Pear OS gets so much negative attention from reviews/overviews of the so called "experts" from Youtube, and other social web.

However, this was not the cause for the extinction of Pear OS project. When David was developing the Pear OS 9, the unexpected happened... - David announced that Pear OS project was bought out by a well known company with international renown, but for reasons of anonymity the company wasn't revealed.

       It's the end of Pear OS project... - At the time, Digitallofice's announced that event. 

Rumours and conspiracies...

The news shocked all the fans and supporters, and from then on rumours of conspiracies just exploded in the social web, and almost everything was said, from “The buyout was a cover up” to “Apple’s lawyers just shut it down”, inclusively someone mentioned that " the company behind the acquisition, were the folks from the Clementine music player...". So much was said, indeed...

Screenshot of Pear OS 8

So, what really append...

Well, I can't say for sure what happend, the only person that can tell the true story, is the man that was behind the Pear Os Project... David Tavares. Although, I can say for sure that there is plentiful of speculations how Pear OS ended, and conspiracies apart, there is something with great power hidden, something or someone behind David's decision.

I tried to find and contact David, but unfortunately the last I heard of him, was on Google+. He was collaborating with a new operating system, but even there, he stopped the collaboration and disappears, the account on Google+ ended/deleted.

The so called PearOS 9.3

Pear OS isn't extinct, at least is soul still lives. Until today, after almost three years there are people that still wish, like an fénix reborn, the come back of Pear OS Project. People like Rodrigo Marques, that created a system based Ubuntu with MacOSX themed, and modified gnome shell. He called his personal project... PearOs ( not Pear OS, it's a bit different ), and as Rodrigo mentions in SourceForge, I quote:
"The PearOS is not a Linux distribution, it is Ubuntu with MacOSX theme, based on ubuntu 14:04 and modified gnome shell.
The basis of the system is completely ubuntu .
It is a remaster of private use and is not for profit and commercial ."

I underscore some sentences, to emphasize the real meaning of it. In contradiction of the latest news and social rumours ( you know, who you are ), Pear OS isn't back. PearOS is an amazing and eye-candy remaster, with an heavy customization of Ubuntu-Gnome made by Rodrigo Marques, for an personal use. Nothing more!

I leave here the links, for you to see by yourself.

Screenshot of PearOS 9.3  by Rodrigo Marques

Final thoughts...

I confess, I was one those fans of Pear Os, and it was with true sorrow that I saw this great
project ended, especially in the conditions that ended.
This project was in the early beginning, and it was one man job. David Tavares was doing a terrific work to maintain, develop and create it own apps like, Pear Cloud, MyPear and Pear Contacts. For those that have an active part on a Linux distribution, knows that isn't as easy as many of you may think.  

At the end, like a tree when is cut off, there is now new opportunities to others develop and raise on the free space leaved from cutted tree. Now, there are several new start-up projects, with the same orientation of Pear OS. These new baby distributions as it's predecessor, have the main objective to deliver a great distribution with a greater look and fell. They are the true legacy of Pear OS.

I leave here the link to one of the Pear OS legacy.

Trenta OS

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