Saturday, 20 February 2016

Mintstick... Hot install on Debian 8.3 ( Jessie ) based systems

On this small tutorial, we show how to install Mintstick 1.2.6 on Debian "Jessie" based systems, using a Terminal as our main tool to install.

Brief introduction...

       MintStick is a simple graphical interface with which we can easily create a bootable USB stick, as also format the pendrive / memory card as NTFS, EXT3, EXT4, FAT or any other format.

Mintstick, Image Writer and Formatter.

We made a small tutorial video, showing how to install Mintstick on Debian 8.3 based systems. 

Please visit our channel on Youtube, to learn all about it.

Mintstcik... How to install on Debian 8.3 ( Jessie ) based systems

Without further delay...

How to install on Debian 8.3 (Jessie) based systems?
Like: Debian, SolydX, Voyager X8, Semplice"Jethro Tull", HandyLinux, Neptune, etc...

Open your terminal, then copy and paste the follow commands lines
    • 32bit and 64bit
      • wget -O mintstick_1.2.6_all.deb
      • sudo gdebi mintstick_1.2.6_all.deb

    If you aren't happy with this new version, you can always remove it.
    • sudo apt-get rm mintstick_1.2.6_all.deb

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